One Beach

Campaign for Gallo's Barefoot Wine about the effects of single-use plastic on our oceans and beaches through the creative ways people are getting involved.

In July of 2010, I began a 16 month journey with my team into the world of filmmaking, to tell a story about Beach Clean up. We learned a lot over the last year plus about documentary filmmaking, from writing treatments, researching the marine debris and plastic pollution issues that are effecting our oceans/planet, and selecting the cast. Our goal was to produce a short documentary that would be authentic and true to the issue at hand, but led with optimism and positivity versus gloom and doom.

We scoured the earth discovering over 90 artists and innovators doing amazing things from building schools with plastic bottles to creating fine art with the plastic picked up off the beach. We refined our cast to just six truly unique individuals representing different perspectives on the issue, and began our process.We needed a director, who had a passion for the ocean and storytelling. Enter my now good friend Jason Baffa, who brought us Singlefin Yellow and One California Day. Partnered with the incredible crew from Woodshed who produced 180 South: Michael Pizzo, Scott Kassenoff, Tyler Emmett, and Tim Lynch.

Together, we traveled and shot around the world seeing first hand the beaches completely trashed with plastic. Once we had footage in hand, editor and resident badass Michael Schwartz and I jumped in a room for 8 weeks and edited like crazy. Partnering with Chris Barnes of Human we scored the original music, Carey at Spy Post colored our tasty frames, and finalized the film under one hell of a deadline. Barbary Post also took on the incredible task of editing the 5 deeper dive stories of each character. Bob and Danny absolutely delivered over the top.Leading this team of passionate people and partners across the finish line was a labor of love. This project means more to me than any other project I've done before, and I look forward to what comes next from my new friends around the world. We hope you enjoy it