Devotee of the Creative Life obsessed with the business of change. Wanderer of that twisted, bizarre territory between art, culture, and commerce. Those who yank at the threads of psychology and sociology to educate, ignite, defy, validate, and provoke. Folks like P. Scott Makela, Hunter S. Thompson, Vonnegut, Emmanuel Lubezki, Tibor Kalman, Fugazi, Sagmeister, Lawrence Weiner, Ruscha, Milton Glaser, Art Chantry, Weiden + Kennedy, Rick Rubin, Dieter Rams, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Serra, Alec Soth, David Whyte, Dave Eggers, Krista Tippet, Brene Brown, and Anthony Bourdain.

My journey in this game has led to mind-bending chances in insanely creative arenas at the highest and most competitive levels. Learning alongside some of the wildest, big-hearted, and unapologetic mavericks and intellectuals life has to offer. Spanning diverse industries and crafts from all corners of the globe. Those cats cracked my head wide open, revealing new ways of thinking and seeing.

These escapades molded my path as a leader, coach, mentor, and guide. Creating space for fervent debate, heart-centered exchange, and evolution has been a damn privilege. Over the last decade, I've led teams and partners with established and emerging businesses through emotional minefields and political mazes, netting substantial results. Living and soaking it all in as the road unfolds.

"Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.”

Anthony . Bourdain
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Moving from Northern California to Minnesota in 2013 just in time for the coldest winter in 30 years was a shock. My riding season was cut in half, and I needed a healthy way to pass the time. The 'Hibernation' series came to mind in the middle of a sleepless bourbon and Ben & Jerry's fueled February night. It all started with a craigslist post looking for riders to photograph. From then on, I spent the next 4 winters going from garage to garage meeting, photographing, and spending time with riders of all kinds. Finding solace in community and conversation through the bitter cold, and learning how each had a different way of coping with the long months holed up inside.

He. Him. His.

Currently freelancing between Nashville and Northern Michigan after 20 years of the creative life spending time on both the east and west coast between SF, Portland, Boston, Miami and the far north in Minneapolis leading teams and building purpose-driven brands from the ground up.

Work has been recognized by Cannes Lions, The One Club, D&AD, Gestalten Los Logos VIII, The Effies, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, SXSW, The Webbys, The FWA, AdTech Awards, and more.

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