W+K Website redesign

When I first arrived at WK, one of the projects I was really excited about getting my hands on was the website redesign. I think everyone knew about WK's previous site, and how much of a pain in the ass it was to navigate. It was also a really poor representation of the WK culture and didn't really encompass the breadth of the WK network very well at all. It was a pain to maintain, so it stayed static and rarely kept up to date. So we began what would become an 18 month long endeavor, and in December of the following year we finally launched.

As you move throughout the site you'll notice that the elements surrounding the site change, thats because we created a theme for each office. So when you're viewing work from delhi or amsterdam you get a flavor of that office, and a peek behind the curtain, by rolling over the macro/micro frames on the top and bottom of the pages. Also, the site was all about the people, so eventually all the work will have a list of credits, that will click through to the person's profile, where in version 2.0 people will be able to update and maintain their own page. Add their twitter, facebook, personal work, etc. All in good time, this beast will certain evolve into a real monster.

Thanks to a great team, this site was a real success, and I'm very proud of it.