I am not an advocate for violence, and I believe shooter games to be incredibly violent and a contributing factor to the promotion of violence and violent rhetoric in the world. However, in this business as in life you don't always have the luxury of saying 'no'. There are times when you have to put your head down and do the work. So, I choose to keep this work a bit more private.

Ubisoft : WATCH DOGS

Based in the not-to-distant future of the connected city of Chicago, the story of Aiden. A robin hood like hacker with the persona reminiscent of classic Liam Neeson era "i'm just a normal guy who has to do a bunch of crazy badass shit to save the girl." Using his mobile phone, athleticism, and street smarts his task is to rescue his sister from the local kingpin who runs the city. In this spot, we use all the Michael Bay trailer tricks, everyone is hot on his tail, but he's one step ahead... and it's no big deal.

EA : Crysis 3 Launch

In the gamer world, Crysis is a bit of a blockbuster. The "Nanosuit" is the ultimate weapon, and players embody that confidence and swagger every time they "Suit Up". There was a lot of anticipation around the launch of the game, and the line worked really well within the community. In the spot we wanted to dig into the swagger vibe, so we took prophet on a casual stroll of cocky destruction through all the new levels/environments to the tune of ZZ TOP's sharp dressed man. In print, we chose to light the suit as you would a high performance car and sell it like you would a luxury item.