old spice

Reinventing a classic brand online.

Another project I'm really proud of, done at WK, with P&G. Historically Old Spice had a pretty weak online presence, their campaign initiatives were fragmented all over the web, broken links from their main brand site, and content was seriously outdated. So, we spent a lot of time rethinking their online strategy and re-architected the way they existed within the space.

We started with getting rid of all their "microsites" and built a robust platform that would serve both product and brand initiatives. Their previous site was an 800x600 flash metaphor of an old ship deck, not so good for the search gods, and also not very easy to sniff out the latest scent, so we made it very easy to find. We made it fun and easy to find what you product you're looking for, because believe it or not, people are very inquisitive about what is in the ingredients and what the latest scents are. Daily traffic is between 6-10k visitors a day, and our goal conversions for finding product and content when through the roof averaging over 80% with the new design. The addition of a new backend powered by the geniuses at Cuban Council, and we're able to update and make changes lickty-split easy breezy.