lucy activewear

a celebration of movement and the women who love it.




The Lucy Light Forest is an interactive light and sound experience created to celebrate movement and the women who love it. When I arrived at mono, the forest itself had already been conceived and developed all that was left was the sound design and creative storytelling around it. Lucy is in a pivot point in their growth as a company, so we used this as an opportunity to stake a flag in the ground — to make a statement about the new direction lucy is headed in. We built on the idea of everyday amazing, motion is transformative, and its not about "killing it", its just about doing your thing, whatever it is. Just enjoy it.

Great team of folks on this one. dustin, meg, steve, mel, tesa, tracy, jurene, julie, jillian, cindy... the list goes on and on.



social media posters



press photography i shot of the installation at our test site in minnesota