retail design for a non-profit in the San francisco Ferry Building.




Another great project from my team at DFCB. We had the opportunity to redesign La Cocina’s retail kiosk in SF’s iconic Ferry Building with just $3,500. SF, is known for two things food & tech, yet the two often seem to be mutually exclusive. La Cocina, is an incubator for kitchen entrepreneurs . Passionate women who want to make something happen. So we set out to create a space that did these women justice and brought more attention to the good work that La Cocina does for its food entrepreneurs.

The original kiosk was pretty drab and didn’t fully reflect La Cocina’s mission district roots. So we injected some energy and vibrant color to the space, and gave it a personality with type and illustration. Within the first few weeks, we were able to increase traffic to their space and double (sometimes triple) their sales per shift. We’re happy to say the transformation is complete, and we hope you’re as inspired by La Cocina as we are.

Team: Leigh Harman, Ashley Rocha, Katherine Kwok, Kate Schwartz, Chris Cerrato, and Chris Klink.

Job well done.