All Pro Football 2K8

How do you introduce a football video game in a category completely dominated by EA and the Madden franchise on a shoestring budget? Oh, and did we mention that EA had the exclusive NFL license? 2K Sports had a massive marketing challenge on their hands, so they called the Evolution Bureau to help make some noise and launch their first football game since 2005, All-Pro Football 2K8. Madden had the NFL relationship, but what they didn’t have was flexibility. 2K and EVB were free of the shackles of strict NFL compliance. We weren’t forced to follow the rules of the “No Fun League.” We were open to bring back the game the way it was meant to be played. The true grit, the hits with serious sting, the smack talk, the real sacks, the real routes; the legends of the game had returned. Enter the campaign “Football Resurrected.” The concept tied 250 of the game’s all-time legends – like Jerry Rice, OJ Simpson, and John Singletary – with classic hip-hop and rap stars – like Rakim, Dead Prez, and Chali 2NA – to make the game’s soundtrack. Web films were distributed on the 2K site, YouTube, and Facebook, and were edited down to :30 TV spots. Our “legend” athletes lived in print ads, outdoor boards, wildpostings, in-store POS, brand identity, online advertising, game packaging and the game manual itself. Thanks to EVB the game of football, the way it was meant to be played, had returned.

Responsible for design of the game logo, packaging, and campaign art direction.

Game Launch TV Spot w/ RAKIM

Chalie 2na